Eau de Rizla is set for stores as cigarette paper announces perfume

It's the cigarette paper of choice for thrifty smokers, so plans by Rizla to bring out a luxury perfume will no doubt cause splutters of surprise. Tomorrow's launch date – April 1 – may also raise knowing eyebrows, but the rolling paper manufacturer insists its move is not an April Fool. In keeping with these gender-fluid times, RIZ by Rizla is being developed as a unisex perfume. Its draws from the brand and the word 'rizz', Oxford Dictionary's Word of the Year 2023, meaning style, charm and

Jimmy Choo co-founder reveals she lost £800,000 in shoes last year

When Carrie Bradshaw lost a heel while running for a ferry on Sex And The City, she famously wailed: ‘I lost my Choo!’ Now the designer brand’s co-founder, Tamara Mellon, has revealed she lost a lot more than that when thieves targeted her Los Angeles storage unit and stole £800,000 worth of designer footwear. The haul was her personal ‘archive’ of shoes, which she had collected in 16 years of working for Jimmy Choo, the company she founded with the eponymous Malaysian designer – including pai

Tony and Cherie Blair win their two-year planning row

Sir Tony Blair has won a two-year planning row with a conservation charity over building plans for his historic country estate. The former PM had applied for permission to extend a guesthouse on the grounds of his Grade I-listed, 18th Century mansion in Buckinghamshire. But The Gardens Trust, which protects historically significant landscapes, objected and it was rejected by the local council. Sir Tony and his wife Cherie's legal team then submitted hundreds of pages of documents to justify t

The invisibility of trans men with ovarian cancer

The 2001 documentary film Southern Comfort chronicles the final year of Robert Eads’ life. A transgender man living in Georgia, USA, Eads died of ovarian cancer because over 24 doctors refused to treat him out of fear that by doing so, they would damage their medical reputations. No doubt, the British healthcare system today is not comparable to the system that Eads faced in Georgia during the late Nineties, but Southern Comfort remains a culturally relevant point in thinking about the treatmen

The 7 best lángos to try in Budapest

Hungary's answer to pizza, lángos – pronounced ‘lan-gosh’, the name taken from the láng (flame) of the oven in which it's cooked – comprises a deep-fried base covered with cream and cold cheese, plus various optional toppings. Originally a breakfast treat made from leftover bread dough, it has since evolved into a street food staple beloved by Budapest's locals. Since no trip to the eclectic Hungarian capital is complete without one, here's where to find the best lángos worth the calories.

The 7 best würstelstand sausage stands in Vienna

Würstelstand literally translates to ‘sausage stand’ – and the porky cultural pillar is central to the gastronomic fabric of Vienna. Offering an authentic Viennese take on the hot dog, these standalone booths pepper the streets of Austria’s capital and are well known for filling the pavements with hungry customers from all walks of life. For visitors looking to truly eat like a local there is no better destination than a würstelstand. Here are the best that the home of Mozart has to offer.
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