Ben Fogle hits out at Meta after name is used in online charity scam

Ben Fogle has hit out at Facebook owner Meta for its slow response to an online charity scam using his name. The TV presenter was alerted to the problem by We Care, a Sri Lankan-based dog charity he had visited in 2013 for his Channel 5 show New Lives In The Wild. The organisation raised its concerns after someone had unwittingly messaged the fake Facebook account set up in its name, which featured Mr Fogle's visit, and then been asked for a donation via a personal PayPal account. Mr Fogle, 4

The invisibility of trans men with ovarian cancer

The 2001 documentary film Southern Comfort chronicles the final year of Robert Eads’ life. A transgender man living in Georgia, USA, Eads died of ovarian cancer because over 24 doctors refused to treat him out of fear that by doing so, they would damage their medical reputations. No doubt, the British healthcare system today is not comparable to the system that Eads faced in Georgia during the late Nineties, but Southern Comfort remains a culturally relevant point in thinking about the treatmen

The 7 best lángos to try in Budapest

Hungary's answer to pizza, lángos – pronounced ‘lan-gosh’, the name taken from the láng (flame) of the oven in which it's cooked – comprises a deep-fried base covered with cream and cold cheese, plus various optional toppings. Originally a breakfast treat made from leftover bread dough, it has since evolved into a street food staple beloved by Budapest's locals. Since no trip to the eclectic Hungarian capital is complete without one, here's where to find the best lángos worth the calories.

The 7 best würstelstand sausage stands in Vienna

Würstelstand literally translates to ‘sausage stand’ – and the porky cultural pillar is central to the gastronomic fabric of Vienna. Offering an authentic Viennese take on the hot dog, these standalone booths pepper the streets of Austria’s capital and are well known for filling the pavements with hungry customers from all walks of life. For visitors looking to truly eat like a local there is no better destination than a würstelstand. Here are the best that the home of Mozart has to offer.

Structural Deficiencies in Mental Health Education are Perpetuating Stigma

The stigma around mental health in schools remains immense, with over 1 in 4 child sufferers failing to attend for fear of judgement over their mental health. Such stigma, symptomatic of the age old ‘stiff upper lip’ mentally of the british public, not only infects our ability to discuss and understand mental health, but also negatively discourages many from reaching out for help when they need it. But, more precisely, the stigma is the result of a severe structural deficiency in mental health e

Conspiracy Theories: Why Are We So Susceptible?

An ITV study found approximately 5 million anti-vax followers in the UK. Couple this with the news that 1 in 3 people are exposed to anti-vax messages (as found by Kings College London) and frustration mounts. The vaccine is our only way back to normality. It is the sole means by which we can simultaneously protect the most vulnerable whilst lifting lockdown restrictions. The idea, therefore, that so many people are sceptical and resistant to the vaccine is problematic. It threatens medical prog

Mourning through Online Dating

I don’t know about you or whether it’s just the condition of my friends (myself included) but there seems to be a prolific obsession with online dating at the moment. Every time I see my friends they are either telling me about the Hinge date they went on last night, showing me outfits for their Tinder date tonight or aggressively breaching privacy laws with an immensely deep Facebook stalk of their new match. Why is this happening? Has it always been there? Or is this frantic left and right sw

It’s Debatable: Gym Closures

2020 has been an odd year in many, many ways, and for me, perhaps one of the oddest personal developments has been that I have become a Person Who Gyms. Regularly. On Purpose. Enjoying it. I cannot emphasize enough that if I went back and told 2019 me about this, she, along with everybody else I know, would have laughed very hard, for a very long time. So, when lockdown 2 first seemed inevitable, the prospect of gyms closing was something I was deeply miserable about. Shutting down gyms was also